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Safe Water for Horses, Questions About Water Testing
Nothing has greater influence on the overall well being of the horse than water intake. It affects fluid balance, temperature control, exercise tolerance, and digestibility of feedstuffs. There are two primary concerns for horse owners in relation to water quality.
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Providing water is elementary, either plumb it in or carry it in a bucket. Simple! Right? Not necessarily!
Problems can occur with the water itself. Most city water is chlorinated which can wreak havoc on your horse's delicate intestinal bacteria. Well water can also cause problems. Nitrates or bacteria can contaminate deep ground water wells and surface water supplies (shallow wells and ponds, lakes and rivers).
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Pure Water without the hassle.
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The UVDynamics MODEL 8.40 disinfection protects you and your family from waterborn disease carrying micro-organisms without the use of chemicals.
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Ecowater Eco-550 Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System.
EcoWater's RO system reduces undesirable substances like: Sodium, Chlorine, Sulphates and much more.
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Water Elite now invites you to "Quick Order" your bottle water, salt and filter replacements.
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Distilled Water

Our distilled water systems are guaranteed to "Take out everything but the wet"
from your water.

Equestrian Connection is Canada's largest equestrian website focusing on dressage, eventing and hunter/jumper.
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Water Treatment on Beyens Hog Farm:
Water Elite saves money and increase production!

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